Sweater Confusion

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Remember when I talked about how flip-floppy the weather is lately?….Remember how it’s still happening and one day you’re wearing a sweater and the next day your wearing shorts and a tank top? Spring is making very hard to transition my closet from winter wear… bring on the sunshine, please πŸ™‚

Hello! Spring…



I’m soooo wired right now because I just completed my spring cleaning! Every room complete and well organized. Now that Spring is officially here I’m soooo happy it’s the perfect combination of hot and cool (unless u live here which it’s still winter cold and sucky :/) the equivalent of that time your get the shower water right on the first try.

I spent the day cleaning and folding clothes today but I am happy to say I had time to think of all the fun and exciting posts that I would love to share with you over the next few months. For some reason I have always been inclined to blog and clean more when the weather heats up.

What are you more inclined to do when the weather starts to heat up?