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I’ve never been a really big fan of the unknown which I find very ironic because in this day and age a lot of the products that we use in our day-to-day makeup routine contain chemicals and compounds that are relatively unknown to the average user. So when Influenster reached out to me to review the Honest Beauty makeup collection I was genuinely intrigued and I was very excited to add them to my day-to-day lineup.

Bizzy Reveiws| It’s My Raye Raye Palette

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Remember when I said my days of buying palettes were over? Welp throw that out of the window… cause lately, I can’t get enough of them. My biggest hang up with palettes has always been that the shades haven’t always been usable and that I don’t get enough use out of them and they end up collecting dust in my makeup drawer. Well, this one is different because it’s a one-stop shop, not only can I use all the eyeshadow shades but it also has a face side that is very usable as well. It is the perfect travel palette and very compact.

NYX HD Concealer and Fondation Reveiew

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I was really tempted to put a punny title to this review like ‘Let’s NYX This’ or something silly like that but I figured let’s be straightforward. I have been using both these two in combination for the last few weeks as my everyday makeup base and I really have been loving them together as a natural but flawless base. 

A Little Drunk but Hella Glowy

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I told you at the beginning of the year that I was focusing on my skin and how to make sure it’s at its best. I recently heard rave reviews of the Drunk Elephant line and how amazing their products were so I took the plunge and picked up a few of the minis to try out with my morning and evening routine. Like the title of this post says… Hella Glowy my skin has been looking radiant!!!