Fall Shoe Edit

Fall Shoe Edit
The time has almost come to store those comfy flip-flops and open-toe strappy sandals to the back of the closet until next Spring. Say bye-bye to ice old frappuccinos and hello to piping hot pumpkin spice lattes. The best part is that with the changing of the seasons comes a whole new array of footwear to lust after! Without further ado, let’s take a look at what shoes are on-trend this year and joining my rotation this year.

My January Wishlist

My January Wishlist
Hey guy so just wanted to share my January wishlist with you guys 🙂
I an into alot of different things right now and I can only hope that I can buy everything or at least get gifted alot of this stuff. Yay!
N.E.Hooo Lets get down to the list shall we this list is in no distinct order but ehh…
Jeffrey Campbell ‘Lita’ High Heel Bootie
Trainers (i.e. Keds/ Vans)
Patterned Jeggings
Palazzo Pants 🙂
Infinity Scarfs
Pencil Skirts
So thats whats on my list. I’d love to know som of the things your hoping for in January 🙂

My Shoe Desires + $25off Offer!!

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My Shoe Desires

Hey Guys!!!

I have a special treat for you today both Influenster and Sole Society have partnered up to bring you this awesome offer 🙂

$25 off a pair of shoes from Sole Societies website!!!


Above are a few of my faves from the website and the actual pair that I decided on getting 🙂 Head over to the website and you can get $25 off their first purchase from Sole Society with the code INFLUENSTER25 until 1/31/13.

Here is a link that will take you straight to the site: SoleSociety

Happy Shopping

Weekend Looks

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Hello loves,
So yesterday I went shopping without prior warning. I know your probably thinking “ummm why is that a big deal” which would be correct to think in this siutation if I had gone out with the intention to shop. But alas I didn’t and there in lies my problem. I am one of those women that has to have on a comfortable shopping outfit in order to truely be able to appreciate the whole experience.
I have never had one of those bodies that can pick up a size two dress and just know in my bones it will fit. So trying things on is an absolute must for me.
Which brings me to how I shop:

I always were jeggings or sweatpants because they at super comfy and easy to take off.
I always wear a lose fitted shirt (also easy on easy off)
Slip-ons in the winter and flip flips in the summer (cause really who wants to be trying on clothes while in a never ending battle with your shoes?)

That’s how I shop.
Honestly those women who wear the five inch heels and skin tight clothes at the mall always baffled me. The purpose of the mall is to improve your wardrobe you dont have to go in looking like you own everything there already.
Frankly they only fool themselves we know your not there to buy clothes. Your only there to flaunt your latest purchase.
Granted I not saying you should go to the mall looking like its laundry day and your down to ur last pair of underoos either. Just find a happy median.

So what’s your favorite outfit to shop in? Do you share my thoughts or completely disagree?
Comment and let me know what you think 🙂

Weekend Looks

BB CREAM: My Personal Review



What Is a BB Cream?
BB cream is promoted as an all-in-one facial cosmetic product to replace serum, moisturizer, primer, foundation, and sunblock.
So now that you are aware what a BB Cream is you can go into the review knowing what these products should  be providing their customers.
  1. Maybelline’s BB Cream Is anything but what it is being advertised as. I love that fact that it is lightweight and it has very cute packaging but in all honest they would have had a more receptive response to the product if it was marketed as a tinted moisturizer. This product is proof that sometimes its not good to do as others do.
  2. Garnier’s BB cream is amazing BUT! and this is a big But.. The color matching is not functional at all. Someone needs to send a letter to the Garnier company saying that African-American would also like to use their product. It is sad to say that the only con I have for this product is its lack of color matching. Aside from that major flaw this product is well worth the price I use it solely as a base in creating a flawless face and have received many compliments while doing so.
  3. Rimmel, Rimmel, Rimmel… how can I company that has stolen my heart when it comes to all your other cosmetics (eyes, cheeks and lips mostly) let me down so badly in the facial department? While I have come to the resolution that your foundations will have to be something I can not take part in due to lack of shade range I was hoping I could at least use your BB cream as a base. That is sadly not the case, this BB cream gives off a white ghost face feature when used under foundation and you dont even want to see what it looks like when photographed!
  4. The Body Shop has never let me down and they never will (*fingers crossed*)! This cream starts off white and darkens as you blend to create a nice finish. Although it tends to run a bit orangey I still like it because it gives me a summery glow.
  5. L’Oréal has hit average with this product I literall sit on the line between love and hate with this one. I love how lightweight it is and I love that it does what a BB should do but the matching once again is a miss.
All in all I’d say depending on your skin tone you can find some good quality BB cream at a fair price without having to shell out the big bucks at a department store. The key as always is trial and error. Know what you are looking for and dont stir because finding that go to product is capable of happening if you dedicated. 🙂
Happy Shopping