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Hello loves,
So yesterday I went shopping without prior warning. I know your probably thinking “ummm why is that a big deal” which would be correct to think in this siutation if I had gone out with the intention to shop. But alas I didn’t and there in lies my problem. I am one of those women that has to have on a comfortable shopping outfit in order to truely be able to appreciate the whole experience.
I have never had one of those bodies that can pick up a size two dress and just know in my bones it will fit. So trying things on is an absolute must for me.
Which brings me to how I shop:

I always were jeggings or sweatpants because they at super comfy and easy to take off.
I always wear a lose fitted shirt (also easy on easy off)
Slip-ons in the winter and flip flips in the summer (cause really who wants to be trying on clothes while in a never ending battle with your shoes?)

That’s how I shop.
Honestly those women who wear the five inch heels and skin tight clothes at the mall always baffled me. The purpose of the mall is to improve your wardrobe you dont have to go in looking like you own everything there already.
Frankly they only fool themselves we know your not there to buy clothes. Your only there to flaunt your latest purchase.
Granted I not saying you should go to the mall looking like its laundry day and your down to ur last pair of underoos either. Just find a happy median.

So what’s your favorite outfit to shop in? Do you share my thoughts or completely disagree?
Comment and let me know what you think πŸ™‚

Weekend Looks