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I’m going camping this weekend and I am super excited!!! I know I don’t really read as the type of person to be roughing it in the woods… up until about 4 years ago, I would have laughed in your face if you said you were going to take me for an extended weekend trip into the gosh darn forest. This year I am very much excited about the prospect of disconnecting and being one with nature and finding my “zen” so to speak. 

Bizzy Knows | The Turcheck Experience

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We all have that friend that when you think about them you can’t help but laugh or smile, that one person in your life that when they show up they really just light up a room and make you feel like your day just got better….. yea for me that’s Ashley Turcheck. Not only is she a bad ass Graphic Designer and my style inspo for minimalist chic perfection (not that there is anything minimal about me) she also has a keen eye for design that is honestly lacking in the design world lately. She has this ability to light up the room with her smile and her laugh that you can hear from a million miles away (sorry Ash I had to say it). My go-to person when I need style advice and the soul sister that vibes with me when I am on the quest for a new lipstick. But not to draw out this introduction to long let us just get down to it, shall we?…


What was your first graphic design inspiration?
I have always been obsessed with fashion magazines. I remember begging my mom for a copy of Teen Vogue when I was ten years old. Flipping through the pages, I was fascinated how everything was pulled together: the photography, the colors, the fonts they chose. I didn’t realize then what exactly graphic design was, but I wanted to learn how to do everything they were doing in that publication. Now, I have shelves filled with my old Teen Vogue issues, Vogue, and Harper’s Bazaar and I always turn to them for inspiration.

How does your design background influence your style?
I like to design how I dress. I love things that are sleek and minimal with a little edge. I feel like my design work is very true to myself just like I won’t walk out of the house in an outfit that I don’t feel 100% me in. 
Who are your biggest design heroes?
Chip Kidd is a celebrity in the graphic design world and is best known for his book cover designs (one of his most notable being the Jurassic Park logo). He just so happens to be a Penn State Alum and also marched in the Penn State Blue Band for four years on the drumline. When I was officially accepted into the graphic design major, I really struggled with balancing my workloads between crazy projects and daily band rehearsal. It was very nerdy of me, but I had a picture of Chip Kidd in the Blue Band hanging at my desk that I tore out of one of his archive books I own. I would always think to myself, “Chip Kidd did it. So can I.”
And although she isn’t a graphic designer, I practically worship Grace Coddington. Her creative work at Vogue continually blows my mind and I would love to hold a position like hers one day.
What are some your favorite thing about the graphic design industry?
What if your least favorite?
I love how as a graphic designer, I can literally do whatever I want. If one day I decide I don’t want to be working in fashion anymore, I can get up, move across the country, and do something completely different… like draw the price tags at Trader Joes. We can do print work, websites, photography, videos, apps, etc. The possibilities are truly endless.
As for my least favorite thing, it sometimes seems like “graphic designers” come a dime a dozen. Anyone with Photoshop can claim they are a graphic designer. There is a lot more to the industry than people realize.
How would you like to see the graphic design industry collaborate more with the fashion industry?
I think the graphic designers should get more credit! These are the people that are making campaigns come alive on billboards, magazines, and social media. Even the art directors don’t get enough props for executing the beautiful work they do for companies.
What is your favorite piece in your closet and why??
I literally cannot live without my leather jacket(s). It can spice up the most basic outfit or give you the edge you need to an outfit. I have worn it in the heat of the NYC subways mid-July, I love it that much. I truly believe leather jackets have magical powers.

Check out all her adventures and work here:

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Bizzy Knows | Oh Cale Yeah!!

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Everyone has that friend who is super talented and always has killer style. The friend that when you’re just running for coffee in the morning and you say keep it chill (meaning your gonna roll out of bed in sweats and put your hair up in a bun) shows up looking like a million buck and claims this is their ‘chill’ look. That person in my life is Cale, he is one of the most talented and fashionable people I know, so when  I decided to start my Bizzy Knows series feature some of the amazing people in my life he was the first person that came to mind. Cale is an artist based in State College currently but will soon be leaving me for warm and sunny Ísafjörður, Iceland (insert weeping emoji here lol). His eye for fashion is one of the many things we have in common and is love and use of color always leave me in awe. I asked Cale to style three looks for his feature casual(you’ll see what I meant in the intro in a sec.), trendy, and art inspired. Next, I sat down with him to pick his brain about both the beauty and fashion industry and his take on the art industry read more on his unique take on things below.