Bizzy Reviews|Hello Halo

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201809021248342405873362352.jpgThere’s always that one product that you tell your self you don’t need and you have no intention of ever using in your routine but then you use it and realize that not only were you missing out but you were missing out big time. Welp, that is exactly how I’m currently feeling about the Wet-N-Wild MegaGlo Hello Halo Liquid Highlighter, while it is definitely not what I expected when I started using it I welcome it in my routine.

Bizzy Reviews|Honest Beauty Voxbox

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I’ve never been a really big fan of the unknown which I find very ironic because in this day and age a lot of the products that we use in our day-to-day makeup routine contain chemicals and compounds that are relatively unknown to the average user. So when Influenster reached out to me to review the Honest Beauty makeup collection I was genuinely intrigued and I was very excited to add them to my day-to-day lineup.

Bizzy Reveiws| It’s My Raye Raye Palette

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Remember when I said my days of buying palettes were over? Welp throw that out of the window… cause lately, I can’t get enough of them. My biggest hang up with palettes has always been that the shades haven’t always been usable and that I don’t get enough use out of them and they end up collecting dust in my makeup drawer. Well, this one is different because it’s a one-stop shop, not only can I use all the eyeshadow shades but it also has a face side that is very usable as well. It is the perfect travel palette and very compact.

NYX HD Concealer and Fondation Reveiew

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I was really tempted to put a punny title to this review like ‘Let’s NYX This’ or something silly like that but I figured let’s be straightforward. I have been using both these two in combination for the last few weeks as my everyday makeup base and I really have been loving them together as a natural but flawless base.