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Have you ever had a brand that you seem to see every where and hear a ton about but never seem to get around to trying it? Welp that’s me and Cover FX, I always have their items on my to buy list but never really took the plunge until recently. I recently went on a buying spree and picked up all the brands I’ve had my eye on so without further ado, this kicks off the post kicks off the start of my Cover FX review month.

The Cover FX drops where one of the first things to put the brand on my radar why back when they first introduced the idea as a foundation that could be adjusted based off of pigmentation needs into other products that you already loved. When they expanded the range to include skincare and primer like products I decided to take the plunge. I picked up the Mattifying and SPF 30 drops since they both had benefits that suited my needs.

The packing is convenient and wipes clean despite the matte of the bottle. The dropper makes dispensing the product easy and precise white helps with longevity and aids in avoiding waste. The matte formula is great to add to my more dewy foundations because it gives me the finish I really enjoy but without the greasy look. While I love both formulas and utilize them both in my routine, I particularly love the SPF since I can mix it into my foundation for sun protection and into my skincare for extra protection, and on the days that I don’t want to add it to anything I can still put it on without the dreaded white-cast that some other SPF products can give off on darker skin tones.

Have you tried this product yet and what other Cover FX products are in your stash??


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