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Finding the joy can be different for each of us, I personally love the idea of getting ready for my day and now that the weather is getting nice wearing things that make me feel happy also helps. A big thing for me is scent, I LOVE scents and the way they boost my whole mood.

I love to spray a nice scent to help start my day with a fun scent that makes me feel very Me… Currently I’m loving Replica Lipstick On by Maison Margiela. The scent is powder fresh with hints of floral that doesn’t come off overbearing (I’m not the biggest fan of floral scents). It smells like the essence of woman? I know that sounds weird but I like to call this my adult scent I makes me feel grown and ready to tackle the day!

If you can’t tell by now [take a peek at my Instagram feed], I’m working from home and while working for a jewelry store when your already a fashion enthusiast can be very dangerous I love to keep my jewelry style minimal. Currently I have been adding layered chains to my lounge-wear to give it a more elevated look. It gives the look a touch of glam that takes my look from couch potato to off-duty model. I am especially loving these thin mariner style chains from Pagoda, they give a fun feminine take on a usually masculine style.

Lastly the one thing that has been saving me lately and I can’t get enough of is my blue light glasses. I feel as though my whole day is spent in front of a computer lately and having a pair of glasses like these have been a godsend! Without them I usually can’t go more than an hour or two without have a major headache from the glare which is no fun for my 7hr days. This set is awesome because you get two pairs for under $20, they are a tad over-sized which lends to a fun trendy look without looking ridiculous. Cheap, Fun, Trendy and perfect for those Zoom call we all seem to be on now!

What things have you been doing to get a little spark of happy throughout your day??
Let me know down below in the comments!


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