Top Ten Stay Home Edition


It almost feels like we have a we are in a real life groundhog day that keeps replaying itself, but I am here to save the day with my list of 10 TV shows that I think are worth adding to you binge watch rotations. They aren’t all newbies but they all will either have you rolling on the floor laughing or reaching for a box of Kleenex. With that being said…if being a level ten couch potato is your new normal or if you are a nightly binge person like me this list will definitely help you pass the time.

Grab a face mask get cozy and put on something that takes you away from all the doom and gloom. Sometimes relaxation and distraction is a form of self care, we can all get through this if we work together. Stay safe everyone!

If you have seen any of these shows let me know what you opinions of them are down below, I love to hear form you all.

Peace and Love,


I had learned already many of the Outland methods of communicating by forest notes rather than trust to the betraying, high-pitched human voice.

None of these was of more use to me than the call for refuge. If any Outlier wished to be private in his place, he raised that call, which all who were within hearing answered.

Then whoever was on his way from that placed hurried, and whoever was coming toward it stayed where he was until he had permission to move on.

I'd Love to Read Your Thoughts :)

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