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So forgive me but I bought into the hype and couldn’t resist getting one of the newest sponge crazes out there. The idea of a velvet sponge that seems like its covered in a thousand tiny little hairs seemed a bit daunting and gimmicky but I am not one to shy away from a challenge, keep reading to see how it turned out.

Sponge itself comes in quite minimal packaging a simple plastic ziploc style bag that also includes instructions on how to take care and use your Juno & Co sponge While some people might find the packaging a little lackluster I appreciate it for the lack of waste.

To use the Juno sponge you are supposed to wet it as you would any other type of sponge i.e. The beauty blender or real techniques sponge. Oddly enough once the sponge is fully submerged in water and wet it still feels slightly dry maybe due to micro fibers that are along the entirety of the sponge itself. When using the sponge for application it is important to remember “less is more”, I found that the addition of velvet like fibers seems to give a fuller coverage instantly when blending out product, I also noticed that less product is absorbed in the sponge when blending so even the lightest coverage appears a bit fuller on the skin. While it does take a bit of a learning curve on how to use it and not end up with cake face it is definitely an amazing tool for give you a more even flawless base. Overall I would give this songe a 8/10.

What is your go to sponge for makeup?


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