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I’ve never been a really big fan of the unknown which I find very ironic because in this day and age a lot of the products that we use in our day-to-day makeup routine contain chemicals and compounds that are relatively unknown to the average user. So when Influenster reached out to me to review the Honest Beauty makeup collection I was genuinely intrigued and I was very excited to add them to my day-to-day lineup.

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*It should be noted that I will be reviewing this collection as an overall for specific key parts and will be delving into specifics on individual products as it pertains to the category in which I am reviewing them.*


Overall the packaging of all three items was not only sleek but felt expensive and looks aesthetically pleasing. The all-white matte packaging gives the products an air of sophistication that is often forgotten in the drugstore aisles. While I do love the packaging based off of looks alone in functionality it is a bit lacking as the matte coating to the products causes stains to appear easily and quickly with repeated use.

Formula/ Shade Range

The formula for the mattifying primer applies quite like a few of my more expensive primers, while it takes a bit of working into the skin, it is not runny or too thick to be applied in warmer weather but also seems to have enough substance that it will hold up well in cooler months. As for the primer component of the mascara builds up the lashes and plumps them in order to get ready for the color coat of mascara. While I prefer my formulas a bit more wet, to begin with when it comes to mascara, this formula goes on well and I love the subtle look it gives to the lashes while still giving them a bit of impact. As someone who tends to have drier lips when it comes to lip products, I gravitate towards something with a bit more moisture and gives the overall look of plumpness. This lip crayon deliver its just that the shade that was sent to me was spot on for a simple every day make up look as well as flattering without being overboard for my deeper skin after looking into the additional shades available in the range several shades would suit a wide variety of skin tones which is good to know that the company kept all varieties of makeup lovers in mind when creating the shades.

Color payoff / Longevity

When it comes to color pay off I love that the lip crayon gives a sheer but buildable tint to the lips without looking cartoonish or clownish it gives the user the control on how pigmented they wanted their look to be.
In the case of the mascara, I went several hours on a humid day without any fallout or ball-ups or pilling from my lashes several times I rubbed my eyes after forgetting that I had makeup on and still my lashes hold up to usual and unusual wear and tear.
As far as the primers concerned I went for a more natural look as I was testing this out in an everyday makeup scenario and putting it up to the test against the usual routine for me the primer held up and very little oil shone through at the end of the day. My skin did not feel heavy or dehydrated.

Final Reflections

Overall I really Liked the products the only thing I would change is the matte packaging… But that feels like a catch-twenty-two because going glossy if not done right could border on cheap looking. The Lip Crayon is an overall win and really has no negative points I really like it as a transitional lip product as I switch from summer glosses to fall liquid lipsticks. The mascara is a bit much for my everyday routine but I do like that it builds up my lashes since I am not one to wear false lashes. As a whole, this collection gets a 9/10 rating.

Have you tried anything from Honest Beauty? What are your thoughts? Let me know down below.


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*These product(s) were received complimentary for testing. All opinions are my own and honest*

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