Tropics and Cruising

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2018-07-28 07.45.25 1.jpg

So guess who finally got over her fear of driving and got her license?!! Yup, that’s right… watch out world cause I’m out and about on these mean streets. Everyone used to say ‘oh there’s so much freedom with being able to drive yourself’ and now I finally get it. It’s awesome!!

Now before you start to cast your stones of judgment, I grew up in the city and with the abundance of public transportation never really needed to drive in order to get around… also have you heard of a little thing called Uber? I’ve also been blessed with the best partner in the world who is always willing to cart me around taking blog photos and run errands with me. So the need was not urgent but since we have moved… It became a priority…Bizzy has got things to do. So yay me!!

2018-07-28 07.45.22 1.jpg


Jacket: Express
Romper: Charlotte Russe
Shoes: Payless
Sunglasses: Forever21

2018-07-28 07.45.16 1.jpg

2018-07-28 07.45.19 1.jpg

2018-07-28 07.45.28 1.jpg

August is looking pretty good so far πŸ™‚


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