Bizzy Faves| July 2018


Updated Bizzy FAVES45


So this month I was pretty much always on the go and did a little traveling so all my faves have been things that either went with me on my travels or things that I needed as I went about my business 😉


Colourpop Lip Glosses… can we take a second and just thank whoever decided to change the formula and switch the wand to a brush deserves a raise! I have not been a fan of gloss lip products as of late until I tried this one recently and now I am obsessed. I literally take these glosses everywhere. The formula is pretty thick but not the gross kind of thick and the slight pigmentation of the gloss makes it wonderful to layer or wear on it own. 

Supergoop Sunscreen Oil this oil is SPF 50 and is a melanin enabled person dream. I love this because I personally love oils on the skin in the summer but I am also not trying to fry like chicken in the sun. This gives me the best of both worlds, I get both the sun protection and the glow. No more gray cast in my future.

St Tropez One Night Only Finishing Gloss I am in love with this gloss!! I have been loving  this gloss on my legs and arms when I am either in off shoulder looks or when I wearing rompers and showing leg. I love that the subtle shimmer doesn’t transfer onto my clothes even when I am wearing lighter colors too. It reminds me of a thicker Fenty Body Lava.


Metal Straws recently I was introduced to the monstrous ways of plastic straws… so I went out and invested in some metal straws for my home drinks… also I am that weirdo that keeps on in my purse just in case 😉 and if Starbucks can stop using straws so can u …. also how satisfying is it to bite on a metal straw. 

Podcasts I am currently obsessed with The Read and Jesus and Jollof both are amazing and I find myself anxiously waiting for new episodes. I love how The Read delves in to pop culture and political and lifestyle issues and how Jesus and Jollof goes in on how life is as a Nigerian in 2018… You gotta Listen!!

Overall My Favorites this month were pretty awesome!!
What were some of your favorites in July?


I'd Love to Read Your Thoughts :)

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