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Is it strange that every time I hear the word fancy I think of the Jamie Fox show… probably but I’m fully okay with that. I acknowledge my old age. Let’s move on… We’ve got a review to do.


One of my favorite affordable drugstore brands has always been Wet &Wild, for as long as I remember the brand has always been able to produce wonderful products at amazing prices. While I have tried to keep my beauty purchases to a minimum unless its a reaaaaaallllyyy great deal. I just had to jump at this fun, colorful, and festive spring/summer launch.

The collection is largely inspired buy wild exotic birds and really came to serve with bold colors and rich pigments at a low affordable price, (everything in the collection is under $5). The collection includes 3 eyeshadow palettes, 3 Blushes, 4 Lip Glosses, 2 Eyeliners, 2 Lip Scrubs, and on Priming Mist. I personally have all the eye palettes, all the blushes, 2of the eyeliners, 4 of the lip glosses, one lip scrub, and the priming mist. after trying all the items I do plan on picking up the items I don’t have.

The eyeshadow quads swat h beautifully and apply even better… while some shades do come across a bit chalky they do blend out very well on the eye and the the bold color have amazing color payoff. The priming spray has a fine mist when it dispenses and it melts into the skin wonderfully, making makeup application on top of it beautiful.

The blushes are more like colored highlights to me as none of them seem truly wearable alone on deeper skintone but the do blend out well. The glosses seem a bit patchy when applied and swatched but, the are none sticky and when layered on top of a liner they look amazing. The lines are bold and in true Wet & Wild fashion both bold and easy to apply.

Overall this collection gets a 8/10 from me as some items were hits and some were misses but they all performed well when used.

Did you try any of them?

Let me know your thoughts in the comments.



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