With growth comes change…for me it’s not the growth part that scares me as much as it is the change. I have always been someone that appreciates things staying the same heck, it took at least year to get used to my new weight gain and realize I’m not the small waisted, big boobed girl I was 5 years ago but with that change came a growth that I never imagined I would be happy with.

The girl I am today would have terrified me three years ago. If we are being honest she scared me even a month ago, I have always admired the women who are able to love their bodies with reckless abandon at any size…. that was definitely not me. I woke up a few days ago and realised that the only way the world would love me is if I loved myself first. I got up every day and told myself I was beautiful and I’m not going to lie at first it felt stupid but that shit works man! The level of confidence I have now is leaps away from where I was before and if you asked me to wear this jumpsuit this time last summer I would have laughed in your face and used words like ‘circle’ and ‘too fat’ to describe myself. But now look at me rocking it, if I do say so myself.

Outfit Deets:

Jumpsuit: Forever21

Shoes: Not Wearing any πŸ˜‰

I hope you enjoyed this look and… even if u don’t I did so πŸ˜‹….



4 thoughts on “Ch-ch-changes…

    Love love love this jumpsuit on you, you look STUNNING!
    (goes to F21 website because I’m on my lunch break dammit :p )
    I also really love the message in this post boo, really inspiring and cool of you to share it with us out here.
    Keep that warm, radiant light of your shining ❀

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