Review|Give Me Glow


It is very rare that a new (to me at least) brand wows me in such a way that I decide to not only review them but also makes me want to get my hands on everything they make to see if they live up to their initial hype that their introductory product gave me. Give Me Glow Cosmetics did just that, which the launch of their latest addition to of highlighters they have me completely enthralled.

These super finely milled powders are not only lightweight but they pact a punch in the pigmentation department. They are very similar to the Artist Couture highlights but the difference between the two besides the stark difference in price point, is that the Artist Couture line seem more glitter based while the Give Me Glow highlights lean more towards a foiled look. My favorite way to wear them for a super turned up highlight is to layer the Give Me Glow underneath the Artist Couture for next level look.

Swatched here are three out of the five shades in the collection. From top to bottom I have Rich Rose, which is described as a true rose gold, Cinnamon described as a deep bronze (likely to rival Becca’s latest launch of Chocolate Geode) and Peach Pop described as a perfect peach tone. All of these would flatter even the deepest of tones and there are definitely options for fairer tones as well. In and industry where deeper collection are either an afterthought or completely left behind, this indie brands first endeavor into the world of powdered highlight was without a doubt a perfect launch.

Final Rating: 9/10 *Bumped down a point cause shipping cost is a bit pricey.

What is your current favorite powder highlight??


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