NYX HD Concealer and Fondation Reveiew

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I was really tempted to put a punny title to this review like ‘Let’s NYX This’ or something silly like that but I figured let’s be straightforward. I have been using both these two in combination for the last few weeks as my everyday makeup base and I really have been loving them together as a natural but flawless base. 

The foundation while very runny and liquidy has given me very adequate coverage. I am currently using shade Cocoa as it is the closest match to my undertone and offers me a pretty close shade match. I usually follow with a slight contour to warm up and define my face.  The lightweight feel of this foundation makes it feel amazing on the face and gives me the feeling that I’m wearing nothing on my face while wearing it.


The concealer is fast becoming one of my favorites… while it is not the coverage giving dynamo that others on the market are I must say I do love the slight highlight it gives without being too cakey. The concealer much like the foundation is also very lightweight and feels like your wearing nothing making it very ideal for everyday wear.



top: Total Coverage Foundation bottom: HD Concealer


I am very pleased with this combo and love using them in my daily routine.

Thank you very much for reading this review, please let me know your suggestions or what you use as your everyday base down below in the comments.


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