A Pop of Colour: The Highlight Review

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Last year Colourpop added a ton of new products launch (the brand just keeps knocking it out of the park in my opinion), but the latest launch of the Loose Powder Highlight is definitely one of my favorites by far.  They dropped three with no notice over the holidays and my interest was piqued enough to grab two of them, keep reading to see my thoughts on these beauties. 


The first thing I thought of was…these give me Artist Couture Vibes because of the finely milled sparkle they give off. The powder is lightweight but high sparkle and has great color payoff, on its own the powder gives a subtle but powerful glow when applied tot he skin but with the spritz of a setting spray or layered over a cream highlight it kicks it up 1000x.  The two shades I picked up were Aura Voir and Dew Drop because they were the only shades I felt would complement my skin the best. Aura Voir is described as golden peach with gold glitter and Dew Drop is described as a rich bronze with both a gold and silver shimmer. Dew Drop would be perfect as subtle yet powerful highlight for my daily makeup look and Aura Voir would look great layered on top of my usual highlight pick (review to come).


Top: Aura Voir, Bottom : Dew Drop


Overall I think the these powders are a great affordable way to step into the world of powder highlight, but if you’re looking to range and varying shades Artist Couture is also worth a look.

What are some Powder Highlights you recommend?


5 thoughts on “A Pop of Colour: The Highlight Review

  1. These look so beautiful! I know a lot of people complain that loose powders and pigments are messy but the colour pay off you get is always worth it!

    I need to try these out! xx

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