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It’s been a while since I have been genuinely excited enough about a subscription box enough to write up a review about it. The latest Popsugar box did just that for me… I opened it and just had to do a review because I loved every item that was in the box. 


The box retails for $39.95 and comes with six-seven full sized items. This months box was valued at a whopping $243!! I still can’t believe how well this box was tailored to fit me even though I didn’t fill out a survey or anything.


First up…

Chloe+Isabel Pave Bare Long Pendant Necklace, the site gave you the choice of silver or gold before it shipped the box out and since I have a big affinity to gold I went with that finish over the silver. I love that the necklace is simple and long ideal for layering. It gives me a very minimalistic vibe.

Tilo Twilight Scarf, this scarf is simply stunning the lightweight sheer weave makes its delicate addition to any outfit throughout the year not just in the winter months, but also in warmer seasons as well. The sequin grid stitched throughout also adds a bit of fancy to its delicate style.

BaubleBar Sparkle Coaster Set similar, the coaster set I thought was a cute addition to the box as it makes a cute giftable item as well. I personally like drinking coffee at my desk on and I always rely on coasters to keep from leaving rings on the table so when cute meets functionality that is always a plus for me.

Lalicious Sugar Kiss Sugar Scrub, when I first saw this I couldn’t get over the size… its a full 16 ounces of product!! It smells heavenly and its ingredient conscious, it leaves your body soft and supple without being oily and gross.

Wild Ophelia Sugar Cookie Milk Chocolate Bar, this bar is just, melt in your mouth goodness that leaves you wanting more. Each bite I took had the perfect ratio of toffee flavored crunchy goodness. I can’t wait to pick up more (why not when the company is also all about female empowerment).

Ashkan Gift Tags, I love the simplicity of these gift tags and how the plain but playful font keeps it’s light-hearted. It is a different take on the usual stuffiness that gift tags can sometimes have.

Per1 Oak Aged Whiskey Candle, I love how this candle the earthy scent very manly yet sweet. The glass and top are a nice touch as well. This was included in the box as an extra. It has a burn time of 42 hours as well.


Overall I am very satisfied with this months box and I tip my hat to Popsugar for knocking it out the park.



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