Murad… I’m Rad



Lately, I’ve really been into skin care and making sure the base for my makeup is as flawless as possible and that’s where Murad comes into the picture.

Morning and night I’ve been using the mirror and 3 step skincare set for acne-prone skin and while my skin is acne-prone it is also oily so I have to take steps to make sure it stays matte but not flat throughout the day.

First I start with the Clarifying cleanser which has been a godsend in my skin routine and always gets every trace of makeup off my skin after I go in with my Simple micellar water then I go in with my drunk elephant skin care you can read my thoughts on those products here and after I’m done with that I go in with my acne serum and last but not least I follow up with my oil control mattifying lotion all over my face once all these steps are done I hop into my daily makeup and get ready routine. This skincare line has been amazing for my skin so far and has really brought life back to my daily routine as well as making sure that I don’t have breakouts with frequent makeup wearing it can be an issue but because of this routine, I’ve had very few breakouts since the beginning you use it.

What’s in your current makeup routine anything you would recommend?

I'd Love to Read Your Thoughts :)

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