Not So Ordinary: A Foundation Story

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So by now, you have read about my great love of The Ordinary skin care line and how everything thing they make is amazing and has worked wonders on my skin. Recently the company decided to branch out and formulate foundations. I mean, if a brand has a 1000 person waitlist for a product it has to be good right? The shade range offerings were a thing of beauty and something other brands should take note of when looking to release a product. Not only did they have shades for the fairest of fairs but also the deepest of skin tones as well, both in red, neutrals and cool tones.  


I was able to get my hands on both the Serum formula and the Coverage Formula. The price range is perfect for any budget as well ranging from 6.70 to 6.90 if you break it down you can get up to three shades to mix and match for less than you cheapest high-end foundations. So I will share my thoughts on each individually, but before that let’s talk about the wait time to receive these lovely products. It took a whopping 4 1/2 weeks from the day I ordered to get these babies… I know they hype was big but wow.  So be advised the wait is a factor in this case when it comes to ordering from them.



So now the review… The above picture is the three darkest shades swatched from each formula.

The Coverage Foundation…definitely lives up to its name both in swatching and application. It works phenomenally on my oily skin once I use a good primer and glides on to the skin and sets with a nice satin finish.I found myself wondering how they were able to deliver such even coverage with such a light weight formula. I felt like I was wearing nothing and I would challenge anyone to tell me it wasn’t my skin. The eight our test left me with some slight cons but lots of pros. The Pros include finish, wear, the longevity of pigmentation and overall feel on the skin. While I did feel like the formula would have oiler makeup enthusiasts weary because of the need for both a great setting powder and a banging primer or you are setting your self up for oil slick city. Overall I would give this formula a 9.5/10.

The Serum Foundation is the perfect option for an everyday makeup look… it provides a sheer but even coverage that makes give you that my skin but better appearance without the cakey or heavy feel. I personally loved wearing this foundation on my easy breezy days what I didn’t really want to be bothered with the pomp and circumstance of a full on beauty routine. I loved applying this foundation with my fingers all over my face after applying an emollient face lotion. I then applied a nice dusting of powder in my oily prone areas and voila. I genuinely have no cons with this formula as I wore it expecting the oil to come through throughout the day in the hopes it would mimic how my skin looks on a regular basis without makeup. I think for those looking for more matte finish through out the day should steer toward the Coverage option as it gives more base for the matte flawless look. Overall I would give this foundation a 10/10.

I would love to hear your thought on these foundations if you have tried them… what has been your experience with them?


2 thoughts on “Not So Ordinary: A Foundation Story

  1. I’ve never tried this foundation before but I’ve been looking into it! I love the shade range! Great post 🙂

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