They say absence makes the heart grown fonder…. so hopefully, you have missed me and ow that I’m back and betta than eva get ready to be bombarded with a ton of posts and new info. Make sure your following me on my beauty instagram @bizzymua where I will be posting rapid reviews on products and things I am currently loving. If your interested also follow my daily shinaniganns at @just2bizzy. But before we get too side tracked we are here for a product review not my shameless plugs right….?2017042980188653120170429595920315

So while I picked up both of these palettes at different they are both currently on sale, the quality of the shadows is very comparable to the Make Up Forever Single shadows which normally sell for $22 each so for an entire palette for just dollars more this definetly gets a 9/10 from me when it comes to coast.


While one has a larger flair for the dramatic with bold and deep hues the other take a more subtle pastel approach to what I would call typical spring colors. I like to think of that and a spring vs. summer duo. There are nine shades in each palette, my only complaint is the cardboard packaging I feel for the quality that MUFE is known for metal packaging would have been better.

Artist Palette 2


I have to say I loved the pigmentation of these shades and how true to color they are from how they look in the pan to how it appears on my skin. I love how the rich shades glide onto the skin and the bendability is out of this world.

Artist Palette 3: The Rebellious Florals


While I loved some of the shades in this palette I was underwhelmed by some of the more pastel shades as the pigmentation was not consistent and was not as vibrant and depicted on the website. Overall the palette is a handy one if you’re into light springy shades.

Application 8/10
Pigmentation 8.5/10
Wear 7/10
Variety 7/10

Overall Score 7.6/10

Do you have this palette?
How does it measure in our opinion?


I'd Love to Read Your Thoughts :)

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