Feeling Lucky? 

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It snowed this week… Like full on middle of winter snowed. I’ll give you a second to take that all in… Just 6 days from the first day of spring we have a blizzard?…. Winter literally just had a hold my beer moment. 

While normally I’m the type to go into full hermit mode when it snows especially when it involves me not having to work, I decided that I wanted to play in the snow and let my inner 6-year-old have a moment in the sun snow. So to all you ladies and gents out there still enjoying your extended snow day or straight up down for St. Pat’s Day… stay safe and have fun.


Jacket: Pacsun Sold Out… Similar: Here, and Here


How do u hunker down during the snowy weather? What plans do u have for St Patrick’s Day?


6 thoughts on “Feeling Lucky? 

  1. Ughhh!!
    They told us it was gonna snow over last weekend but thank goodness all we got were flurries. Kudos to you boo boo for making the best of it and STILL killing it even in the snow!!
    Where do you live? Are you further up the east coast like by Vermont or down towards Jersey?

    1. I’m in Pennsylvania in the mountains… Funny thing is…. This is the first snow storm we had all season lol. I told my coworkers I think this town is cursed it always snows either right before spring or exactly on the first day of spring 😂

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