February Fav-ish


So this month I didn’t really try that many new things that I can officially speak to or give my opinion of just yet… But I did want to let you know about the few things that I am really digging right now.

  1.  I have been loving all things avocado based this month and for the last few months… If you haven’t tried avocado on sweet potato (Thanks, Toy!!!) Then you are sincerely missing out.
  2. I have been consistently relying on caffeine in the form of coffee to keep me going this month and if you happen to be in my neck of the woods Rothrock Coffee can’t be beaten. I mean look how pretty it is!!!!
  3.  So my birthday was a couple days ago….if u hadn’t heard hehe… I was lucky enough to have my girl Gabby to take a couple pictures for me and she killed it… this is one of the shots that had me thoroughly convinced the wind was going to sweep my into this koi pond!!
  4. So if you aren’t tired of my talking about my birthday yet I wanted to say my last favorite of the month would deffinitky have to be the Strawberry Shortcake that my friend Jodie made me to celebrate…. especially since my birthday happens to be National Strawberry Day so I thought it was very fitting… I am currently chowing down on it as I write this post.

So that’s it folks my month of favorites included a lot of food and happy memories. Hope you and yours have had a wonderful February and here’s to making the rest of this year awesome!!!




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