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There are two types of people in this world… those who wake up early get ready for the day with an easy breezy ease and those who struggle to pry them themselves from the loving embrace of their bed. I currently fall into the latter category… getting up in the morning is a battle of will and strength. For that very reason I started looking into ways to streamline my makeup routines in the mornings to make life much easier for myself. 

Since every brand both drugstore and high end seems to have a stick foundation out in the market right now I decided to try my hand at that first to see how I liked it. I opted for NYX  and Anastasia foundations since they both a reasonable price and a variety of shades to suit multiple skin tones. Now that I have tried both foundations for over a month I can give you a full and through review of both brand offerings.

The NYX foundation undertones seem to be a mixture of both olive and red and while on most skin it would make the coloring look muddy it works well on my skin because that is my major problem as my undertone runs more neutral in certain areas of my face. For myslef I chose shades 14 and 15 ( the number system instead of shade names took some getting used to), 14 works perfect for the center of my face and 15 is great for adding a natural contour to the perimeter of my face. As far as application it glides on the the skin but requires very little effort in blending into the skin. I find that without a setting powder it give off some shine after a few hours of wear but if you are an oily gal like me, just set it and forget it and you’ll be right as rain. The darker shades are only available online at most retailers so it does require a bit of effort in terms ease of availability.

The Anastasia foundation comes in a range of undertones and tones and suits almost every skintone out there. I went with shade Cocoa which pulls a bit red on my skin ( next time I will try shade Expresso) but work as a all-over face shade. The stick glides on to the skin and dries down matte so you have to work quickly with this one in order to blend it out, I suggest applying I sections. Since it is for malted for oily/combo skin it gave me several hours without shine, I would still suggest setting it for those planning on wearing the makeup for longer than 5 hours. In terms of availability you can find it at most popular beauty retailers and the full collection of on their website so it get high marks from me.

Overall if I only had to choose one I would definitely go with the Anastasia because of the shade availability, undertone variations, and  ease of access.

How are you currently streamlining your routine? Have you tried any foundation sticks recently? Leave a comment below and let me know what you think.


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