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Long time no…well you get the gist … you didn’t really think I was going to leave you hanging and not do a Halloween feature this year right? Even though I am currently peeking out from under a pumpkin spice induced haze and still trying to recover from an epic sibling weekend (#icanthang), I am still determined to bring you some Holloween realness. 

This year my beautiful model is none other than the amazing and super talented Ashley Turcheck. When she’s not moonlighting as a style maven, she’s killing it on the field for the Penn State Blue Band and dazzling the world with the amazing graphic design skills. There wasn’t even a question of who I would use when I decided to feature Disney’s Bad Girls and most talked about villains Cruella De’Vil and Maleficent.



We came up with two looks that embody a modern day villain. Cruella who is a fashion killer who definitely not be caught dead in white after labor day and why bother yourself hunting puppies when you can easily find bird feathers, without the messy killing business. In our eyes, she’s one edgy woman who knows how to kill an outfit


Jacket: Express
Top: DIY
Skirt: Express Edition
Boots: Thrifted



Maleficent in this day and age wouldn’t be worried about some young ingenue when we live in the grand age of skincare, she’s too busy making these mean streets her runways and teaching all these young ones a thing or two about being the queen of your own castle.



Jacket: Express
Top: DIY
Skirt: DIY
Boots: Thrifted



So I have to offer a special thank you to Ashley for helping me create and bring this look to life. She is a lovely wonderful and talented young lady.

Check out her website and Media Here:
Instagram, Website, Recent Work

Hope you all had a wonderful Holloween,


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