Bite Me: Bite Multi-stick Review 

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I recently received another Bite beauty box courtesy of Influenster, if you read my last post here then you know how much I already love their lipsticks so when i heard they launched a product that basically does it all i couldn’t wait to dive in and try them out.

The Bite Multi-stick is described as a multi-use stick that works as a lip, cheek/face product, and an eyeshadow. This is primarily because of the 35 percent powder and the  silicone-free formula you get a seamless blendable, breathable and buildable finish to the skin. I loved the shade range in this line as there are colors that work for just about anything contour, blush and lots of neutral eyeshadow options that compliment all skin tones. In my box, I received  the shades Blondie, Macaroon, and Cocoa (swatched in order below).

I use each shade differently blondie I primarily used as an eyeshadow base for my lids in order to make the color I applied on top pop more, for macaroon I use it blended out on the cheeks as a base for my blush because I gravitate more towards shimmery peaches and flesh tones for my blushes this adds a nice warmth to my skin. Cocoa I use for a lid base for darker shadows, a contour on the cheeks (yes it is that dark) and also a nice 90’s inspired brown lip color (here) which i super on trend right now. The unique formula helps especially when I use cocoa as a contour since I hate that sticky cream feeling when contouring.The all-day staying power it has definitely been put to the test recently since my face has been producing more oils this summer. Overall after trying these Multi sticks for the last 2 months I must say I am honestly in love the shades because they work seamlessly with other  products in my current routine.

Have you tried out the Multi-sticks? I would love to read what you think about them.


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