Black Romper

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Can we take a quick poll? Who here is over summer?…..Just me…kool kool.

I am totally over summer and officially counting down to when it’s going to be appropriate to be all in on this new season. 


I walked into the grocery store the other day and there was a ton of Pumpkin Spice items already in stock. Can I just say that I am totally here for the early Pumpkin Spicing that is going on in the world right now, while many are on the ‘ban premature PSL’ campaign I am not one of them. Yes, I am well aware that Fall/Autumn does not begin until the 22nd but for me, Fall is here as soon as September hits. I blame the stores, they start loading up on all the sweaters in late august and it gets me all nostalgic for the colder months. Summer has had its time and I’m all geared up for the chill in the air.

I personally love those transition pieces that not only get you through those warm mornings but also translate will into the chill of the night. I love this romper for that reason, it made of a thick canvas-like material that might be a little too warming on the super hot days of summer but be perfect for those in-between days that don’t quite seem like either season. I love how the basic color allows for you to be able to switch up the accessories options with booties, heels or sandals as well.



I can’t wait to hear from you which pieces you’re adding to your fall transitional wardrobe.


– Bizzy

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