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I really love a god dress in the summer, it takes all the guess work out of pairing pieces and one of my favorite ways to wear it is to tie off a blouse with it in order to switch it up a bit and add a bit of flair. Lately,  as the weather gets warmer or in my town wetter I just can’t be bothered to pick something out without feeling to done up…. now don’t get me wrong some days I’m very much a fan of putting in the extra effort but today was not one of this days. Don;’t worry I won’t leave you high and dry in the outfit department I’m sure I’ll get my ‘groove’ back in no time at all. Until then I figured I’d give you a glimpse into my daily uniform.


I think a standard uniform you go to just for when your stuck in a rut is something everyone should have in their arsenal. I have a few that I cycle through depending on the season and for the most part they haven’t steered me wrong yet… Fun fact I’m barefoot in these pictures and the grass was wet. Silly me I decided to go all mother nature and forgot that just several hours before this it was raining cats and dogs.  Needless to say, my feet were not happy but I shouldered through.


Shirt: Express
Dress: Express


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