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Everyone has that friend who is super talented and always has killer style. The friend that when you’re just running for coffee in the morning and you say keep it chill (meaning your gonna roll out of bed in sweats and put your hair up in a bun) shows up looking like a million buck and claims this is their ‘chill’ look. That person in my life is Cale, he is one of the most talented and fashionable people I know, so when  I decided to start my Bizzy Knows series feature some of the amazing people in my life he was the first person that came to mind. Cale is an artist based in State College currently but will soon be leaving me for warm and sunny Ísafjörður, Iceland (insert weeping emoji here lol). His eye for fashion is one of the many things we have in common and is love and use of color always leave me in awe. I asked Cale to style three looks for his feature casual(you’ll see what I meant in the intro in a sec.), trendy, and art inspired. Next, I sat down with him to pick his brain about both the beauty and fashion industry and his take on the art industry read more on his unique take on things below.


How would you define your style?
My style is simple and classic, with muted colors and statement pieces.

How does your art play a role in your fashion inspiration?
I love that art can capture a moment and fashion is a moment in motion. I like to wear clothes that I could see in a painting.

How would you say the art industry has influenced the fashion industry or vice versa?
For me the art world and fashion go hand in hand, I remember being young and watching top model, and when I went to college and studied art I did a lot of photo shoots with models for my paintings. On a bigger level, some artists have become pop and fashion icons, like Andy Warhol. Both fashion and art rely on creating fresh content so I think naturally they feed off the other.





What changes would you like to see in the art world in the next ten years?
Commercialism is okay! artists don’t have to live a secluded life! embrace social media as a platform to reach a bigger audience.

What style advice would you give your younger self?
Use product in your hair and stop buzzing it every week.

What artist/brand would you like to see a collaboration from?
Painter Ivan Alifan and ColourPop cosmetics. I could see candy-colored highlighters and eyeshadows that are pulled right from his paintings.




Special thanks to Cale for being willing to step in from of the camera for me 🙂


Check out all his adventures and work here:
Website, Instagram, Blog

Thanks so much for joining us,


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