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Have your every heard a ton of people talking about something and your like ‘Ummm what the heck is all the hype about ?’. That’s how I felt about Morphe the brand, it seems like they are everywhere lately. I first heard about the company when their 35O Palette hit the scene and caused an uproar and then when I heard the started a brush subscription I was highly intrigued. Cut to last month when they relaunched their Elite Collection and I just had to get my hands on some goodies.



The collection had a variety of brushes to suit all needs when applying a full face of makeup and I was able to grab a few different styles that met my needs.

I opted to get the following brushes:

  • E1 Deluxe Powder Brush: This brush is excellent for applying pressed or loose powder onto the skin, I find that it is my current go-to brush when I’m using my MAC Mineralize Skinfinsh. The large surface of the brush makes it easy to apply product quickly and evenly.
  • E4 Angled Contour: My current front-runner when applying blush and contouring powder, the angled bristles makes angled lines nicely without appearing too harsh.
  • E3 Precision Pointed Powder: I currently rotate between using this brush to apply setting powder under the eyes and using it to apply light coloring on the cheek as the pointed tip makes application accurate and soft.
  • E48 Mini Pointed Powder: Highlight on fleek! These are the only words that really describe this brush as it has a  wonderful way of blending out highlighter onto my cheeks.
  • E22 Pointed Blender: This is a basic blending brush (you can never have enough of those) it sets itself apart though in the density department. The tight packing of bristles leads to seamless blending and easy product application.
  • E18 Round Crease: I use this brush to apply color to my crease and to blend the color out in  my crease or brow bone area.
  • E36 Detail Crease: Your bottom lash lines’ best friend when it comes to applying shadow or buffing out liner.


Overall I think the collection is definitely worth checking out. The bushes in the range are soft to the touch and the handles are weighted which gives it substance in your hand, and I especially enjoy the duo fiber look they have while giving it a fair by going with the brown instead of the white.


Have you tried any of the new Morphe brushes?
If so I would love to hear your thoughts on the new range in the comments below.



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