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“What’s that beam of light coming from your face?” ‘Oh nothing just my cheeks shining bright enough to blind my haters.’ That is more than likely a dialogue you’ve heard more than once this year since highlighters burst onto the scene. Emerging from the ashes of the strobing trend highlighting has taken the world by storm and it seems like every makeup brand has something to achieve that J-Lo glow now. Needless to say that when one of the top makeup brands in the highlighter game decided to collab with one of my favorite Youtubers I just had to get my hands on this collection.

When BECCA first collaborated with Jaclyn Hill I wasn’t aware of who she was on the YouTube scene so I never actually grabbed anything from the product range but flash forward several months to a year and she’s definitely in my top ten most watched list. When she announced that she would be expanding the range I knew I would have to add them to my collection. While there are several different pieces to this BECCA X Jaclyn Hill collab and if you love makeup as much as I do and haven’t been living under a rock you also heard about the controversy regards the collab as well… if you haven’t Google it. I decided to focus on the good and grabbed both the face palette and two compacts. Fist up I’ll review the face palette as it was the first thing to launch in the collection.



Top L-R: Rose Spritz, Amaretto, Pamplemousse  Bottom: Champagne Pop, Prosecco Pop

I don’t own any of Becca’s bushes so I can’t speak from experience about to the formula but the quality of these blushes are very pigmented, creamy to the touch and you only need a tiny bit to add color to the cheeks. Both of the highlighters are smooth, extremely pigmented and easy to blend. My go to way to apply this is to blend either rose colored blush with Amaretto. I always tap off any excess on my brush before applying the highlighters and blushes since they’re so pigmented. I also suggest using a light hand, which is very hard for me because I am just naturally heavy-handed with everything…Lol!!



Top to Bottom: Champagne Pop, Flowerchild, Prosecco Pop, Amaretto

Now the split compacts were released after the face palette completely sold out.  Many people complained about it since the face palette was to be an exclusive launch and these seem to negate that but I loved the idea of having just a small compact with both a highlighter and blush for easy travel. I liked that there were options to get both Prosecco Pop and Champagne Pop it also seems like the blushes picked to accompany each shade played well with the respective highlight. While champagne pop leans truer to the name and sweeps on the skin as a champagne highlight, prosecco pop is a bit more golden. I think both complement WOC skin very well.


Overall, I love this Becca x Jaclyn Hill Champagne Glow Face Palette and the Champagne Splits Collection and totally recommend it, especially if you’re a Becca fan or even Jaclyn Hill, because the quality of the products are amazing and the value is pretty amazing and the packaging is everything.

Did you pick anything up from the collab? What are your current favorite highlighters?




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