Romp Around



Can we talk for a second about rompers? Like what genius was like ‘I love the ease of a dress but wait!…why not add pants to the equation??’. That my friends is why I am currently in a love/hate relationship with rompers. I am one of those humans that has the bladder of a two-year-old… I am constantly running off to the bathroom somewhere, which is why rompers are not my best friends… Do you realize how mush work goes into getting those things on and off?? Also, why in the world do they call them ‘play-suits’?? There is not much play involved with them… But I digress.


While I was out and about I saw this romper on a mannequin in the window and against every flashing red light and warning sign going on in my head I just had to have it…so now it’s mine :).  I loved the pattern and the bright coral details, it has this nice deep tone but still with a fun springy kick. I love the envelope style skirt detail which makes it a little more girly and fun.


Romper: Charlotte Russe

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Sandals: Forever21


How do you feel about rompers?


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