New In| Men and Water



So I know you clicked on this post like “Ummm men and water? What the hell is this girl up to now?” But don’t worry all shall be explained and my weirdness will seem normal by the end of this post…Somewhat. Have you ever heard of a trend and in your head your head you’re like “How in the hell did you get the idea to eat/put that on your face?”. Well, ladies and gentlemen, that is currently me; Because my latest primer obsessions are rocking my world right now even though one of them is a little strange. I definitely raised an eyebrow when I first heard about it because it seemed a little weird but I love it in my routine now. I love how the beauty industry is always evolving and changing things up and me being the curious person I am love trying new things. 


Water is supposed to be very good for you so why not introduce it to your makeup routine. I love using this as a first step for my skin right before applying my primer because it gives a nice radiance to my skin while also making it plump and ready for an even and flawless application. Since I already love many Smashbox primers, tinted moisturizers, and eye products I was very excited to try it out. I love using this to moisten my Beautyblender when I’m going in with foundation or blending out concealer. I find that it helps my product blend better and also makes for a smoother finish. I love the simplistic design of the bottle and another huge plus for the product is that it has the finest spray which really gives a nice light even dispersion of product. I also really like using it as a setting spray when I have over powdered and need to take that uber matte look away and give off my dewy/glow.


Last week I fell into a Youtube hole (that’s what I like to call it when I watch like 45 videos in one sitting instead of being a normal productive human being) and I noticed that a ton if different Youtubers were “borrowing from the boys” in a sense, so after the 8th video I watched mentioned how this wonderful creature Nikkitutourials discovered this trick for using Nivea Men  Post Shave Balm as a primer before her makeup I pretty much sat there going “Yup I’m gonna try this…”.  I went the store and it only made it better that it only cost me $6!! can we take a second to talk about the packaging? It has a really nice thick milk glass like packaging and seems heavy and with substance. I love how nice packaging like this is (no offense) wasted on men (like really though it’s not like there’s a guy in his medicine cabinet going “Boy this packaging is really awesome”) but as a woman I love it and I’m totally here for it. It has a milky consistency and goes on very silky and the trick is to work it into the skin until it gets tacky. So far I have l love how well it works with my skin and I use it as the next step after I apply Smashbox Primer Water all over my face it works well under foundation and I love how it holds on to my foundation throughout the day without it wearing off in patches. Overall I love this primer and at such an affordable price and not only the performance of the product and the look of the packaging it is definitely worth a purchase.

I would love to hear what you think about these two products if you have tried them  and also how you’re prepping your skin for foundations lately?



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