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My skin hates me!… Okay maybe that is an exaggeration and I might be overreacting a tad. Lately my skin has decided that I am an not worthy of the smoothness it once used to bestow upon me, maybe its because my diet lately consists more of Mcnuggets than it does overnight oats and fruit.

I don’t switch my skincare too often and I am a avid lover of the Clinique 3-Step for oily skin, but in the past few weeks my face has been so excessively oily you could fry an egg and cook some sausage buy the time two o’clock hits. I have also been breaking out in a few places and for a skincare junkie like myself that is not the business so I figured its is high time I change up my cleansing routine for something that would more effectively target my current needs.


Fist I hit the drugstore and saw that Garnier has some new items out for oily skinned gals. I loved all things charcoal infused and I just think the darker packaging looks very sleek. I am such a sucker for packaging (don’t judge). The first two things I grabbed were the Clean+ Shine Control Cleansing Gel and the Clean+ Purifying Cleansing Towelettes.  I haven’t tried the towelettes yet (gotta finish up my old package first), but the cleanser is everything!! I love how clean it makes my face feel without drying it out too much. I use it get all of the remaining makeup left on my skin at night.


I also wanted to get a good makeup remover that I can also use to get dirt off my face even on the days that I didn’t wear any makeup. Garnier must have some mind reading software because I was browsing the web and stumbled upon Bioderma and I was like umm… nope not spending that much on something that just gonna take off my makeup. So when I found out that Garnier makes a lower costing Micellar Cleansing Water I jumped at it. I love that they make two versions waterproof and regular. I opted for the waterproof version which is a bi-phase formula that works all my waterproof eye products. (In depth review on all thing Micellar water coming soon)


I saved the best for last! Since I love all things Clinique that was the place I went to first when my skin started freaking out. (I am seriously blaming this bipolar weather) I picked myself up the Acne Solutions 3-Step system and so far its is working its magic. I use all three steps in the morning and at night in conjunction to the Garnier cleanser. I love how it not only clears up my blemishes it keeps new ones from forming.

I will keep you updated on how these new skincare products work for me over time. Fingers crossed that I’m back to my baby smoothness real soon. I would also love to read what your current skincare favorites are down below.


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