Take a Swig



So earlier this week it snowed and I all for snow because of the beauty… But alas my African blood makes me despise the actual fact that with snow comes cold.  So anything that takes me outside for more than ten minutes means you will not meet a happy Bizzy. But told I’m going to let you in on my best kept secret that has me smiling in all my cold weather pictures.


If it didn’t make it clear above… I hate the cold and when your shooting several different types of photos outside in the cold it can make even the most winter loving person learn to hate the cold. But I’ll let you in on a secret: I LOVED EVERY MINUTE OF IT!!

The only reason is this flask (no I did not get buzzed to take these pictures) I was able to keep warm tea in it while I shot photos outside over the weekend and I made life more bearable.

So the tail end of last year I was approached by Swig Flasks a UK based company to try out one of their flasks and after browsing their site I jumped at the opportunity. Now anyone who knows me that I am far from a heavy drinker; but the fashionista in my couldn’t get over the look and luxe feel of this flask. The leather bound details and the stitching just really drew me in. It not only looked classy it looked  expensive. It took me forever to decide which one I wanted but I finally settled on something basic that goes with everything, in in true Bizzy fashion I picked out one bound in black leather and blue stitching.

Pictures do not do this flask justice at all!!

Now I pride myself on thoroughly testing things out before I bring them under the spot light (because we all know how it feel to have both your time and money wasted) but I put this flask through the ringer for the last five months and it still looks as new as when I received it. It your looking for a wedding gift, graduation present etc. this is definitely top on my list of suggested gifts.



Can’t wait to see all you pictures with you flask makes sure you tag me on Instagram and Facebook


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