Color of the Year 2016


Pantone-colour-of-the-year_Rose-Quartz-Serenity_dezeen_ban (1)

So everyone has that one friend that just when you expect them to do one thing they do the complete opposite and your left sitting there like ‘where in the f**k did that come from??

That my friends is exactly how I feel about Pantone’s choice or should I say choices for this year. They flipped the script and pick not one but two colors Rose Quartz and Serenity. While in previous years they have gone more for bold bright colors or deep rich tones this year they went more for the light airy calming tones.

Rose Quartz, described as “a warmer embracing rose tone” and Serenity, which is a “cooler tranquil blue” were apparently chosen to reflect consumers seeking soothing colors.

I also love that every year Pantone shows what colors they think will coordinate best with their chosen colors. I lean more towards the monochrome looks lately but if your looking for inspiration click here.

I am totally digging it!!! Below are some of my style picks for next years it colors.


How do you plan on styling next years it colors? I’d love to hear you thoughts.

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