Hello.. Its Me. December

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Hi, its been a while right? Yea I know but guess what now I’m back and ready to go and you get to see all my crazy. Hope you have some popcorn and a nice warm mug of hot chocolate 🙂

So i know every single blogger, youtuber, and probably that weird cashier awkwardly trying to make conversation with you says this but really… WHERE THE HECK DID THE YEAR GO???  Like how is it already December?? It like someone has that remote from Click and fast forwarded through the entire year.  Which in my opinion was worth it just for Adele’s new Album (can you tell I’m obsessed by the post title??) Since that is out of my system lets get to it shall we ?

November Favorites:

Mock Neck Top:
These have become a winter staple for me and I don’t see that changing the coming months so get ready to see some version of this in next months post. I love how versatile these are and  comfy but put together they make me feel.

Brown Cutout Booties
These shoes were made to be worn with cozy sweaters or turtlenecks. I love how they class up a look instantly. They have been taking my outfits up a notch all month long. I am still on the quest to find a good pair of insoles for them cause otherwise the are a bitch on the feet if you wear them for more that 4 hours.

Bath&Body Works 3-Wick Candle in Flannel
I love the Bath and Body Works Flannel candle its one of the three fall themed scents I picked up this year. I hope it comes back next year because this one is a keeper. I suck at describing scents but all i can can say is it reminds me of a crisp fall day with a hint of musky warmth.



Maybelline Brow Pencil:
So the new Maybelline Brow define and Fill pencil is the reason my brows have been on fleek the month. It has a ash tone pigmented powder with a sponge tip applicator on one end and a wax based pencil on the other.  I love that its double ended meaning I don’t have to reach for more than one product to both shape and fill my brows to perfection.

IMG_0622-01Colourpop Ultra Matte Lip Color in LAX
This was my go to red, its a bit more brick red and very dark and vampy. I loved the staying power of these which is why I have 7 now.  I swatched it to the right since the site doesn’t do the color justice

Colourpop Supershock Cheek in Swift
This is a warmer darker tone that perfect for the fall. I used to always be skeptical that a brown tone blush would look good on brown skin but this one is the bees knees and makes your cheeks look natural yet flushed. In the picture swift is blended so you can she the subtle hint it delivers when its on the cheeks.


CLINIQUE Lashpower Feathering Mascara 
There is so much I an say about this mascara I loveeeee it for so many reasons and one of highest is because of the big fluffy bristles the wand has. It makes your lashes look long an plump. I always have a back up on hand. Fingers crossed that they never discontinue this one.

Revlon Colorstay Foundation
This is my holy grail foundation I always have two on hand. In previous months I started testing out others but my heart always comes back to this one because on the staying power and coverage it provides. The only downside about this is that it doesn’t have a pump but a little birdie tells me that they are working on changing that in the near future.

Real Techniques & ELF Makeup Brushes
The Real Techniques Blush brush is a new one for me I love its egg shape and how soft the bristles are, it glides across the cheeks effortlessly. The ELF Blending Brush is my go-to for applying highlight. I warn you in advance it is very densely backed so apply with a light hand.

CLINIQUE Moisture Surge Cream
I love this for my dry winter skin. Every winter my skin on my forehead get dry and flaky so I always have to switch from a more matte lotion to something more hydrating and this is and most likely always will be one of my favorites.

Dickenson’s Witch Hazel
This was new to me but I heard great things about it. I decided to try it after my skin finally had enough of alcohol based toners. It is super cheap and it has restored balance to my face and I noticed fare less breakouts and oil production.

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