New Hair New Life





Hi my name is Bizzy and I have an addiction to haircuts and products…. Okay now that is out-of-the-way I can get down to the real reason I put up this post…. latest hair obsession  Dessange Hair care products. This affordable brand has me going gaga because it gives my hair such life but before I continue my rant let me give you my hair rundown… 

So every Spring/Summer for the last two years I’ve been cutting my hair very short (think a male undercut but on a woman) and I love it but since my hair is naturally dark and one-toned I dye it so it has dimension (I gotta make sure the little hair I have let stands out and looks good) but all that dye processing leave my hair dry brittle and crying for help. So this year in typical me fashion I decided to up the anty and add highlights to my hair which only made my hair dryer (think straw).


Now in comes Dessange to be honest when I received this Voxbox I was a bit skeptical, in my head nothing could sway me from my current shampoo regimen but I was wrong and I loved it, it left my hair renewed, shiny and full of volume. Twice I week I wash my hair with the Dessange Miracle Repair Shampoo and Conditioner the apply the Repair Oil through out my locks evenly the blow dry in low and voila! I am in love right now my highlights are poppin’ and my hair is finally friends with me again.


The one thing that made me even happier is that it is readily available for purchase at my local Target, imagine little ole me being able to grab the best from Paris at my local store 🙂 And you can too




*I received this product for free from Influenster in exchange for my review.  All opinions shared here are my own.*

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