So I figured I would come on here and clear up a few things. I know I was meant to post on here every day until thanksgiving and I had every intention of doing so because I really do love blogging and it truly is my form of release and happiness. I however had to take a short time to myself after a run in with a particular run in with a most horrendous women. I was working with her at one of my day jobs and in passing mentioned that I was a blogger and loved to blog mostly about fashion and beauty.

She smiled politely then said, “Do you really think you have the face and body type to be a beauty blogger?”

Don’t get my wrong I don’t parade around calling myself a beauty or fashion blogger because that really not a title I relate to currently but I do pride myself in my blog itself. Yes I like where clothes and show then to you and Yes, I also like to do my makeup and sometimes feel that you will like to see that doesn’t give anyone the right to judge the way I express myself as a person.

It pains me to say that I let her comment have an effect on me and it in turn affected my willingness to post on here.

For that I apologize.

So in the spirit of getting myself in the right mental space I took some me time to get myself in the right head space to bring you the best content possible.

I look forward to what is in store for the next few months and hope you will join me on this journey.


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