Hola 🙂

Have you ever had one of those weeks that you remember is what you ate and you can’t really remember anything else? That was me last week I think I spent so much time at work that I haven’t been able to pay attention to much else. When someone told me yesterday that it was Sunday and not Saturday I looked at them like they grew a second head… then I was like where has my week gone?? So I hope you had the chance to kick back relax and enjoy your weekend.

This week I ordered a new pair of boots from Justfab today and I’m so excited to get them. I have been on the hunt for a nice pair of over the knee boots for the fall in a color that’s versatile and I think these fit the bill. Do you? I just want them to get here already so I can start pairing them with outfits.. I especially like these because the top folds down so if they get here and it suddenly dawns on my that I’m too short for over-the-knee boots then I can make the knee length. Yayyy two looks in one 🙂

So this week I decided to wear my drug store lipsticks more because I have been neglecting them. I tend to forget often that the pigmentation can be just as great as my high end products 🙂 So this week I focused on my Wet N’ Wild Megalast lipsticks OH BOY!! I totally forgot how high the pigmentation is with this brand I think I fell in love all over again. Above I’m wearing Sugar Plum Fairy but Vamp It Up is a close second.

This week I was really into cooking and as I said before the meals were memorable. I tried my had at baking cookies from scratch which is something I usually leave to the geniuses in the Pillsbury or Toll Hose kitchens but I must say they turned out quite well and I  got nothing but compliments from my co-workers for these chocolate chip cream cheese cookies. I will be sharing the recipe later this week so you can try your hand at it. If I can do it I assure you can too. I also have been way into making sure I’m eating a hearty breakfast because I often forget to eat the rest of the day due to my usual hustle and bustle of the day to day. Lately avocado and eggs of all sorts have been coming into play a lot.


How was your week and weekend?

Be sure to share how it went with me on twitter and Instagram using the #j2bblogsgiving. I’ll be picking a winner from those entries at the end of the month.



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