Sans Makeup



So today I’m going makeup free which might I add is a very rare thing for me…but today not only have I women up late but I washed my face said who this works… So as I picked out my outfit I thoughts started flowjng through my head. “Ehh this works??” Why was that the first thought that went through my head. Why wasn’t my first thought ‘ohh don’t we look nice today?’ or something to that effect? 

I think it’s because we grow up in a world that pokes fun at women  who choose to go natural and glorifies  the over photoshoped and airbrushed. Don’t get me wrong I love a good contour abd highlight just like everyone else but I also the there  is beauty in the flaws we all carry…  If we constantly  portray that every flaw is an issue that has to be hidden and glossed over we aren’t teaching the young girls of tomorrow  that it’s OK to be comfortable  in your own skin…  Own ur hyper pigmentation and love you freckles because it’s was makes you who you are. So today today I am going sans makeup and loving it… Will you?
Be sure to share your makeup free selfies with me on Instagram or Twitter for a  chance to win the Bloggsgiving giveaway.  all entries must use the #j2bblogsgiving


Happy  Sunday


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