Statement Makers: Earrings

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 Statement Makers: Earrings

I’m sure most people will agree when I admit that winter makes me incredibly lazy in the fashion department. We swap our carefully planned outfit for oversized sweaters and legging or throw together any old thing and hide it under a well placed bulky jacket and cozy Ugg Boots. When we are at home we lounge in sweats tanks and things I wouldn’t even let the mail-man catch us dead in. When I are required to leave the house, I tend to keep things as simple as possible, which makes for some pretty boring outfits–usually I end up wearing jeans, a sweater and a basic jacket.

Recently, to rectify this problem, I’ve started building up a collection of attention-grabbing, statement-making earrings. They’re perfect for winter because I can easily throw them on and its something that still stands out even when your all bundled up in a scarf and instantly feel chic, rather than lazy and boring. I mean, I still am lazy and boring at heart, but at least my earrings say otherwise.

Read on to learn all my tips and tricks!


Less is More…

As with all things practice a moderation. All things are good in moderation. Don’t pile on too much at one. If you plan on doing the statement earring either forego a necklace or wear one that is delicate. If you choose to forego the necklace you can also pair the earrings with a simple bracelet. Bold pieces should be allowed to stand out, so do not over-crowd your look by wearing them within close proximity of each other.

Choose Wisely…

Statement earrings are beautiful, ornate and cannot be missed. They will be the first thing that anyone talking to you will notice. To make sure they frame your face, choose a pair that suits your face shape and enhances your features. Choosing the wrong pair can be distracting, so take details such as length, color, shape into consideration when choosing a pair for your ears.

The Hair You Wear…

It is sometimes better to pull hair away from your ears so that way they leave the earrings as a focal point. Big hair can be pinned back slightly in order to display the earrings effectively.

Make Face…

It is also important to keep your makeup in mind when wearing statement earrings. If your earrings are of the bolder more flamboyant variety pair them with clean and simple makeup to have a bolder impact. If the are all diamond or crystal then you can introduce a little more color into your look.

Be You…

Lastly and most importantly remember to be you. Stay true to your personality and wear your statement with pride. Your opinion of yourself is the most valuable opinion out there.

How do you wear your statement earrings? Be sure to tag me and use the Blogsgiving hashtag so I can see your awesome style.


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