Statement Makers: Bracelets

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Statement Makers: Bracelets

I have long been a fan of arm stacking and how layering a few pieces of jewelry can turn a simple drab outfit into a statement piece or something worth a feature on the street style page. I know it is easy to get overwhelmed when you see other girls perfect arm-stacking with the finesse of a master and often times before I broke it down I felt like I didn’t know how to put everything together and make it look good.  So for a while I stood by and admired pretty sparkly things wishing I was able to effortlessly pull them off. But to all the girls who are just as intimidated by bracelet stacks as I was don’t worry, there is hope!

In fact, I’ve found that once you get the hang of it, building a perfect stack of arm candy actually is pretty effortless. Read on to learn all my tips and tricks!
Step 1:
Pick a theme: Classic, Feminine, Edgy… But don’t be afraid to mix it up fashion rules are ment to be broken.
Step 2:
Choose a statement piece. This will be the anchor item that you will build your stack around.
Step 3:
Add some color with a few friendship bracelets, (if you don’t have any handy use beaded bracelets that have some color).
Step 4:
Layer on some dainty chain or bangles. (I generally like to match metals but have found that mixing metals adds a nice edge as well.)
Step 5:
Wear it with confidence. It is one of the best accessories any woman can carry as you know.
Voila! that’s how its done 🙂
Can’t wait to see what stacks you make be sure to tag me on Instagram and use the blogsgiving hashtag I will be reposting all my favorites 🙂

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