A Snake in the Garden

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Hello Loves… Sorry for the hiatus I had to get some things in order for the next couple months.  but I’ll save that exciting news for the next post…

So if you don’t live under a rock somewhere then you know that tomorrow is Halloween and while I an not really big on the holiday I do have a friend who is really into it and when I asked to borrow her adorable face for a Halloween themed post she happily agreed (its great to have supportive friends) to help me inspire you with an easily last minute costume idea. So without further ado lets get to it shall we?

For this costume we decided to go with Medusa.


If you don’t know who she is Medusa is a Greek woman cursed by Athena for falling in love with Poseidon.
She was turned into a hideous woman with hair turned into snakes.
I feel that Medusa gets a bad wrap because in media because they often forget she was once a beautiful woman who was cursed for following her heart, so we decided to go the soft and beautiful side.


Here’s how to get the look:

For the makeup we used: MAC Cyber Lipstick, MAC Jades Fortune Eyeshadow, MAC Venetian Tarnish Eyeshadow, and MAC Dark Indulgence Eyeshadow

To get the look of the scales we took some old fishnet stocking and stretched them out over the skin and stippled the different shades of eyeshadow on to create dimension. Then apply a deep shadow on the lids to create depth and smoke it out with a slightly darker shade. On the lips you can go dar with a shade like Cyber or you can soften the look with a nude like like taupe. (For a look like this I say go big or go home.)


To complete the look throw on a few snakes and grab a gown that will unleash your inner goddess. and Voila! you are Medusa the beauty within the beast.


Thats all folks hope you like the tutorial.

Special thanks to Zandy for her help with this post.

Meet Zandy


Told you she’s adorable right?? Now you see she’s not all grim and dark. She’s the sweetest thing you’ll ever meet and super nice always a joy to be around plus she brought me pumpkin cupcakes so you know she’s got me hook-line-and sinker haha 🙂

Be sure to stop bye her Instagram to say thanks from me : Zandahlee

What are you going as for Halloween this year??

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