Style Steal: Sarah Hyland

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Now that the award season is over and we are starting to a settle into our cozy sweaters and snuggling up with our cups of cocoa I wanted to take this opportunity to take one final glance at my favorite Emmy look of the season. If you know me then you know I’ve been obsessed with poppy reds and deep crimsons so it goes without saying that my Emmy best dressed goes to Sarah Hyland. If you don’t know who she is then you have been living under a rock… She is currently gracing the screen on as an actor in Modern Family but my first encounter with her was when she stared in the Disney channel movie Geek Charming.


Now that you have an intro and an idea of who she is let’s get back to the awesomeness what was her Emmy look. I mean what is there not to love its a bright red maxi skirt with loads of volume and a simple white crop top. While I love the look in its entirety and would have copied it as is I thought I should make it a little more everyday wearable or daytime appropriate. So for this look I figured I’d shorten the length of the skirt without losing the volume and the star power. Instead of a crop top I decided to go with a silk tank to still keep the laid back vibe while making it more fictional. Since with Sarah’s look you couldn’t see her shoes I decided to pair my look with a pair of studded red heels. I also decided to make the make the makeup a little more everyday glam instead of full on red carpet glam in order to make it more wearable.


Top: Express, Skirt: Express, Heels: Local Boutique




Here is a video tutorial of the makeup look:

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