A Bra to Remember?

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Raise your hand if you love memory foam mattresses…It not just me is it? I can’t be the only one.

So when I heard the Aerie my favorite underwear and lounging brand since ever decided they would put said memory foam in a bra…well color me enthused. So allow me to introduce to you the Harper the new memory lift bra. Now this may not be new to you but its new to me… Seriously have i been living under a rock where was I when this launched?? Now before I get sidetracked with my obliviousness I will get back to this regularly scheduled post. I love this bra like no other.

If you’re the girl of a larger bust persuasion then this is the bra for you. It works well in that it has a lower scoop neck back allowing for your to wear low back dresses or shirts and not have your bra peeking up for a hello. The memory allows for comfortable extended wear and since the bra sort of remembers your “em…shape” which I myself can attest that it is extremely comfortable when you’re pulling 19 hour days. I often forget I’m even wearing a bra on the days I put this on in the morning. Now ladies be honest when was the last time you wore a bra and forgot you had it on??

As an avid bra off as I’m walking through the door kinda girl (this post just got real ;)) I’m so thrilled by the idea of the “working girl bra”. I assume by now your convinced but if you’re not the fact that Aerie is constantly running sales that make these babies only $20-25 a piece why not give it a try?? Hun that half  the price of a VS bra…. save the money and go with comfort.

I got mine in a heather gray and this lovely mustard yellow below 🙂


What color would you go for?

Love you


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