Fall Shoe Edit

Fall Shoe Edit
The time has almost come to store those comfy flip-flops and open-toe strappy sandals to the back of the closet until next Spring. Say bye-bye to ice old frappuccinos and hello to piping hot pumpkin spice lattes. The best part is that with the changing of the seasons comes a whole new array of footwear to lust after! Without further ado, let’s take a look at what shoes are on-trend this year and joining my rotation this year.
ZRTD254_MAIN_LGLaser Cut Boots/Booties:
I have been seeing laser cut everywhere lately and it seems like last years runway trend is here to stay. I really love the representation of laser cut on shoes. I amps up and otherwise basic shoe. I particularly love the look on cowboy boots with a slight heel. If you can get your hands on a pair buy them because they are totally worth the purchase.
Cut-Out Boot:
If you can’t sense a trend with me already I seem to like my shoes with some kind of hole in them this season. I first noticed this style when it was done by Jeffery Campbell but as usual his taste were a little rich for my blood. I love them and think its a style that’s here to stay. Not really for the cold rainy/snowy months but definitely a fall staple in my book. If these are you taste there are several places to get these for cheaper: here, here, and here.
Over The Knee Boot:
Over the Knee or Thigh High Boots are a personal favorite of mine. Have you ever been so in love with a shoe that you’ve already styled it with half your closet before you even purchase it? Well such is the case with these shoes. I am still on the hunt for the perfect pair but have yet to find them but I know for sure that they will be mine they are my pot of gold and I shall get them. I’ll keep you posted on them cause the world will just have to know.
WFT1020RMA_BLK (2)
Rain Boots:
I love Love love rain boots. I practically live in these when it gets snowy. The are the every-man of shoes in my opinion… I mean they keep your feet from being wet and pretty much can stand up to anything the weather throws at them. If you live in a place where it gets remotely wet when the weather starts to drop then these need to be in your arsenal. I suggest the Hunter brand not only do they last forever they also come on some very stylish cuts and fits.
images (1)
High-Heel Booties:
Heeled booties are here to stay and are high on my list of fall must haves. When the weather gets too cold and you don’t want to deal with the chill of wearing heels these are for you. The offer the comfort of a boot but the sass of a heel. I love these type of booties and as long as you steer clear of an ice patch your good to go wearing these all winter long.
Moto Boot:
Last year I was all about the combat boot but now I am all about the moto boot. I love how this still has the masculine feel but can also be very feminine. This is a sure fire everyday boot as it pairs well with both jeans, dresses and leggings.
So that my friends is my list for fall shoes. Whats on your list this year? What shoe trends are you looking to try this year?




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