Getting Bizzy: 20 Random Facts


So I always say I don’t like doing tags which is true unless it really speaks to me. But today I realized that I never really introduced you to well.. me. I was going to do a tag but all of them asked superficial questions that didn’t really dig deep enough so I gathered questions from several sources and hopefully it will give you a better insight on who I really am. I found some that will definitely require more than one sentence answers so I decided to do a series that will be titled Getting Bizzy. My hope is that this will help you understand the direction that I am hoping to take this blog in the future while also giving you a deeper insight into me.

Without Further Ado… Let me help you Get Bizzy…

Fact 1:

I love steak. It borders on obsession really I think if ordering steak was okay I would eat it breakfast lunch and dinner.

Fact 2:

I only like Reese’s Peanut Butter. In my opinion Jiff and Skippy will never compare.

Fact 3:

I have 5 siblings and I’m the baby…three brothers and two sisters.

Fact 4:

I love curly hair but hate the up keep of it.

Fact 5:

I get really self-conscious about my weight. Blame it on past issues but its an ongoing issue. That I deal with daily but its controlled. More on this later.

Fact 6:

I have a candle obsession because for some reason scents really attract me. I sometime feels I can judge than solely based on their scent alone.

Fact 7:

I only like white chocolate. I tolerate milk and on very rare occasions dark but my true love lies with white chocolate.

Fact 8:

I am really big on “guy” movies the more action, fighting, and intensity the better. I love movies like Thor, Hulk, Iron-man etc. Any recommendations can be left in the comment sections.

Fact 9:

I love to paint for some reason, I may not be good at it but I know for sure that it soothes me.

Fact 10:

I can’t dance… my rhythm is horrible. I am horrible at catching the beat but still I try.

Fact 11:

I am a black olives and Sriracha junkie. I will put it on everything within reason. That and feta are my perfect condiment list.

Fact 12:

 I have never built a snowman. It currently #17 on my bucket list. I would one day love to make one.

Fact 13:

I have an unfortunate scar on my thigh from an ironing incident. It’s still fading but the memory remains lol.

Fact 14:

When ever Autumn hits I suddenly develop a craving for all things pumpkin.

Fact 15:

I have this innate ability to make a comment that reflects on a race just as someone of that race is walking by. My close friends blame it on my social awkwardness.

Fact 16:

It takes me an unnecessary amount of time to get ready to go out. Everyone close to me always give me a two-hour head start when it comes to important outings.

Fact 17:

I have small feet. I have lots of shoes but very tiny feet. I get made fun of because of it. I sometimes like to take advantage of this by shopping in the little girls section for some of my shoes… (they’re sometimes cheaper).

Fact 18:

My favorite drinks are Mountain Dew, and Sparkling Lemon water. They differ completely but to me either bring thirst quenching satisfaction.

Fact 19:

I have many clothes but always  feel like I have nothing to wear.

Fact 20:

Last One: It is my personal goal to someday see the world. Not the cliché places or the tourists attractions but places of substance. Stay Tuned.

There You have it 20 facts that your may or may not have known about me. Hope you stick around for the rest of the Getting Bizzy series.

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