Add Some Peplum To Your Step…


CYMERA_20130123_154506This summer one trend that stuck out to me the most was the Peplum… it hit runways and transitioned beautifully into mainstream fashion. Now that summers over I was afraid that this new trend that seemed to have staying power was going to fade into the fog of summer trends gone by. Well I am very happy to tell you that that seems to not be the case when it comes to the peplum. It here, its flare, and its not going anywhere (for now anyway).

The one question that buzzed in my mind was “How do you transition a summer look into a fall outfit that fits the seasons ever changing weather?”

I didn’t have to ask my self this for too long because with the help of my lovely friend and little sister  Tola, I am now able to not only answer this question but I can also give you a few pointers on the do’s and dont’s of how to transfer your favorite peplum look into the fall and maybe even the winter.

CYMERA_20130123_155046Tola Edit

Whether its by adding a motorcycle and some biker boots for a winters day or a blazer and some wedges and pairing both styles with an always chic infinity scarf. I love layering. Dont be afraid to layer your outfits because the one thing that benfits you in cold weather is layering. Just because your outfit has a peplum doesnt mean you can layer a croped sweater or somethng that will keep you cozy.

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